Our Story

Ruddley and I met playing soccer in Sweden in the summer of 2000. In October 2008 we got married. While we share a love for soccer, we are also huge baseball fans. The only difficulty is I am a Red Sox fan and he is a Yankee fan. Baseball season calls for some fun times in our household. When we got married we decided it would be fun to visit every Major League Baseball Park. This won’t be something we can accomplish in two or three summers, but plan to visit one or two each summer and having this journey last us 20 something years.

I first heard about this idea when I was at the “Old Timers” game at the old Yankee Stadium in the summer of 2008. I went with my Dad and Uncle Mac. In front of us were a group of men who pick a different baseball park to visit every summer and then make a weekend out of it. I thought this was a great idea and something that Ruddley and I could do and once we had kids we could bring them along too.

Follow along our family journey as we visit some amazing parks, pay way too much for beer and hot dogs, and travel the United States.

Play Ball!
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