Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fenway Park

Major League Baseball Park # 1

Date: April 25, 2009
Park: Fenway Park
Teams: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

We have been to Fenway several times over the last bunch of years. I usually have to beg and plead for Ruddley to give me the okay to buy tickets since you pretty much have to take out a loan these days to get tickets at Fenway. Then there is the gas, parking, food, drinks, and merchandise that all add up too. It generally turns out to be an expensive day.

On this particular day, the Yankees were in town. We woke up and I asked Ruddley if he wanted to try and get tickets to the 4:00 game. I was shocked when he said "sure". I got on craigslist right away and found a season ticket holder in New Hampshire that wasn't able to make it to the game that afternoon who was selling his 3rd row bleachers seats for a "reasonable" price. Reasonable meaning, I didn't need to take out a loan, but I also could have gone on a nice shopping trip for the amount we paid for 2 Red Sox/Yankee tickets. After several emails back and forth we jumped in the car and headed south. We met Jim (who is now listed in my cell phone as "Red Sox Hookup"...haha) in a mall parking lot in New Hampshire gave him $300 bucks in cash in exchange for 2 tickets and kept on going.

It was a fantastic game. I mean, any Red Sox/ Yankees game is always fun. There was a lot of runs scored, lots of Yankee fans thrown out of the game, a beautiful afternoon (82 degrees in April), good ballpark food and we paid 7.50 for each beer we downed had. Of course it wouldn't be a game at Fenway without Sweet Caroline in the middle of the 8th and Dropkick Murphys bringing out Papelbon. Ruddley was even brave enough to wear his Yankees hat. Oh, and the Sox won! There is nothing like Fenway Park.
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