Friday, June 4, 2010

Camden Yards

Major League Baseball Park # 4

Date: June 4, 2010
Park: Camden Yards
Teams: Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles

As soon as I started telling people about what we wanted to do in visiting every MLB Park everyone said "You have to go to Camden Yards!"Well duh people, I just said I am going to visit every park...including Camden Yards! 

We decided that we would take a long weekend and hit up Camden Yards and Nationals Stadium in the same weekend. Oh...and I was 7 months pregnant at the time. Awesome. 

We left super early Friday morning and made our way to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. It was H.O.T!!! I was wicked cranky and hungry which made for a lovely afternoon. We had lunch at the ESPN Zone and the line was wicked long. We went to give our name and the lady looked at me and asked if I was pregnant (seriously!? I'm about to pop this kiddo I'm not fat, yes I'm pregnant). I was a little annoyed with her for about about .0235 seconds and then she said "Oh, well since you are pregnant you move to the top of the list. We can seat you now!" I think this was the ONLY time in 9 months I was excited to be pregnant. 

We didn't buy tickets to this game until Thursday night before the game. We ended up paying....ready for this guys....15.00 a ticket!!! None of this 125.00 and 90.00 crap that we paid for other games where the Red Sox were playing. We found our seats on the 3rd base line and I remember sitting down saying "Not bad for 15 bucks". The guy in the row in front of us turned around and asked how much we paid for our tickets so I told him. He said that he and his friend paid 100.00 each for theirs. HAHA...sucker!! He tried to justify it with the fact that they were from out of state and needed to plan ahead and so they bought their tickets a while ago. I don't think he liked it when we told him we were from Maine and that we got ours from the same website he did 2 nights prior. 

The game was fun but we were sitting by some very annoying and drunk kids. They were really pissing me off. Throwing popcorn around, laughing ridiculously loud at nothing and got up every 10 minutes it seemed for another trip to the beer stand. We had been eyeing some seats in the outfield that looked pretty sweet. Finally enough was enough and we got up and changed seats.
Our 15.00 seats
Our new, free seats

It wasn't long after we moved that I got a text from my friend Danielle who was watching the game on tv. She asked me if I was wearing my red/blue sox hat...yes, a gray tank top...yes, is Ruddley wearing a red Nike shirt?...yes...ok what the hell!? Turns out, every time they showed a close up of Clay Buchholz pitching, you could see Ruddley, Greg and I on tv! Swweeeet!! So then for the rest of the game I kept getting texts like "What is that you are drinking?" "Mmmm that ice cream looks good!"The best part was that our friend that was with us had called in sick to work to come on the trip and now he was on national tv. oops, fail. 

That's me! Waiving to Danielle while I was on the phone with her:-)
She snapped this gem of a photo off of her TV. 

Camden Yards was nice and I swear 75% of the fans there were Red Sox fans. I don't have many pictures because we lost our camera on the trip. ugh! not happy.

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