Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nationals Park

Major League Baseball Park # 5

Date: June 5, 2010
Park: Nationals Park
Teams: Cincinnati Red at Washington Nationals

The next day we headed to Washington DC. We had planned to spend the day sightseeing and touring DC before going to the game that night. We didn't really have much of a plan and it was another hot day so grumpy Sarah was alive and kicking again this day. After lots of confusion we finally made it to the monuments. We walked...alllll. freaking. day. I ended up running into my 6th grade teacher while I was waiting in line at the ice cream truck:-) He was there with the 8th grade class trip and they too were going to the game that night. 

After way too many hours walking around DC we finally decided to head to the stadium. We were going to be pretty early but I was so hot and tired I didn't care. When we entered the stadium some guy at the gate asked how many of us there were and then gave us 3 tickets. We were a bit confused, but took them anyway. Ruddley and I went to our seats in the outfield and Greg went to check out the tickets that we were given to see if they were any better. They ended up being along the 3rd base side but we liked where our original tickets were so we decided to stay put. Ruddley and I watched batting practice and he kept nagging at me to pay attention because he didn't want me to get hit with a ball. Greg eventually returned with a large burger of some kind. While he was paying attention to eating his burger a home run ball was hit during batting practice and landed right on Greg's thigh. The ball then bounced over me and landed on the ground and bounced to the row in front of us. Me, being 7 months pregnant and all, jumped up and dove for the ball...all while wearing my super cute maternity sun dress that I bought 'cause it was so damn hot. I didn't get the ball annnnnd the guy that did get it didn't even give it to me. I was not happy.

This is the only photo I have from the game.

I had heard that the stadium was pretty family friendly and I agree. We had seats in the outfield, but I didn't feel like we were far away from the action at all. I can't remember how much we paid for tickets, but it wasn't more then 20.00 bucks each. 

Overall a very good weekend! 

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